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November 2011



Ministry By His Grace and For His Glory: Essays in Honor of Thomas J. Nettles

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Today in chapel at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Tom Ascol presented Tom Nettles with a festschrift–a collection of essays honoring the latter for his many years of faithful ministry. Though I was regrettably unable to be at Southern Seminary today, I was delighted to co-edit the volume along with Tom Ascol. I also contributed a chapter and helped compile a bibliography of Nettles’ writings.

Ministry By His Grace And For His Glory: Essays in Honor of Thomas J. Nettles is published by Founders Press and includes essays from many pastors, professors, and other Christian leaders who have benefitted from the teaching and writing ministry of Tom Nettles. Contributors include Al Mohler, Russ Moore, Danny Akin, David Dockery, Greg Wills, Michael Haykin, Ben Mitchell, and many others. I’ve included the book’s contents below.

I thank God for the ministry of Tom Nettles–a model churchman, scholar, teacher, and Christian gentleman. It was a singular privilege to help edit this festschrift honoring one of my heroes in the faith.

Today on the Founders Ministry blog, Tom Ascol announced that for a limited time you can purchase Ministry By His Grace And For His Glory: Essays in Honor of Thomas J. Nettles at a 50% discount from the Founders Press website. I hope many of you will consider purchasing the book. More important, I hope you’ll thank God for the life and ministry of a brother who I believe to be one of the godliest scholars in the Southern Baptist Convention and the wider evangelical world.

Contents and Contributors

Foreword (R. Albert Mohler)

Introduction (Tom Ascol)

Part I: Historical

1. Baptists and the Bible: The History of a History Book
(Nathan A. Finn)

2. Remembering Baptist Heroes: The Example of John Gill
(Michael A.G. Haykin)

3. Crawford H. Toy: Southern Baptists and the Lesson of Controversy
(Gregory A. Wills)

4. Evangelicalism from the Beginning: English Baptists of the Seventeenth Century
(C. Jeffery Robinson, Sr.)

5. A Distracted Piety: African-American Baptists
(Kevin L. Smith)

Part II: Theological 

6. The Authority of Scripture: The Bible and Baptists
(David S. Dockery)

7. Without One Plea: Human Depravity and the Christian Gospel
(Russell D. Moore)

8. God’s Sovereign Election
(Erroll Hulse)

9. Limited Atonement: A Short Defense
(Geoff Thomas)

10. Understanding Effectual Calling
(Tom Hicks)

11. Perseverance: The True Nature of Saving Faith
(Phil Newton)

12. Justification: The Use of Genesis 15:6 in Romans 4:3
(Sam Waldron)

Part III: Practical 

13. The Preacher on Preaching: Wisdom from a Wise Wordsmith
(Daniel Akin)

14. An Idol Called Evangelism—And It’s Remedy
(Roy A. Hargrave)

15. Missions and the Doctrines of Grace
(David Sills)

16. “An Ingenuous Unfolding of Our Principles” Confessionalism Among 17th Century Particular Baptists
(James M. Renihan)

17. On Catechizing
(Jim Scott Orrick)

18. Recovering Regenerate Church Membership
(Tom Ascol)

19. Believer’s Baptism: Its Nature, Practice and Importance
(Fred Malone)

20. Baptists, Worldview and Focal Practices
(Ben Mitchell)

The Writings of Thomas J. Nettles: A Bibliography
(Nathan A. Finn and Matthew Emerson)