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December 2011



The Mission of the Church: An Ecclesiological Question

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I’ve written a new post for Between the Times titled “The Mission of the Church: An Ecclesiological Question.” There’s a debate simmering among evangelicals, which I allude to in my post:

I’m going to go ahead and say what everyone already knows, but in my circles is mostly whispered in hushed tones. The aforementioned books (and many others I haven’t referenced) represent a massive debate among evangelicals that has simmered below the surface for several years and is just now coming to light, in part because of the publication and responses to What is the Mission of the Church? It is, for the most part, a friendly debate among substantially like-minded brothers—that’s the good part. But when it comes to the question of mission, there are at least two different tendencies present among inerrantist, non-Arminian, complementarian evangelicals, and these tendencies have the potential to become out-and-out factions. All you have to do is read Ed Stetzer’s review of What is the Mission of the Church?, the responses to Stetzer’s review, and the responses to those responses to see that there is at least the potential for significant controversy.

I want to weigh in on the debate over the church’s mission by raising an ecclesiological question that I’m not sure anyone else has raised. I don’t know the solution to all our differences, but I hope this can generate some conversation that can perhaps help point the way forward. I hope you’ll head over to Between the Times and read the whole post.