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April 2013



An Open Letter from an Eagle Scout

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I grew up in a Boy Scout family. My grandfather was a Scoutmaster in the 1950s. My father was an Assistant Scoutmaster for nearly a decade into the late 1990s. My younger brother and several of my closest friends are Eagle Scouts. I’m a member of the Eagle Scout class of 1994.

Like many observers—both Scouts and non-Scouts—I’ve been troubled by the ongoing controversy surrounding the membership and leadership policies in the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  In short, like many conservative and/or religious organizations, the BSA has been targeted by the LBGT lobby because the former is committed to traditional sexual ethics for scouts and leaders. And, like many organizations, the BSA is now contemplating accommodating its membership policies for the sake of political correctness. Critics on both the cultural left and right have noted that the new proposal is awkward at best and incoherent at worst because it addresses membership expectations while punting on the question of leadership.

I have published an essay at The Imaginative Conservative titled “An Open Letter from an Eagle Scout.” I hope you will read the letter and pass it on to others who wish the BSA to remain committed to its historic values. You might also consider linking arms with an organization such as On My Honor, a coalition of scouts, parents, and leaders who wish to keep sex and politics out of Boy Scouts.

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