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April 2013



Introducing Andrew Fuller Finn

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Eleanor & FullerAndrew Fuller Finn was born on April 25. We are calling him Fuller. You can read why we gave him this name in this earlier blog post. Fuller weighed 7 lbs, 11 oz. We thank God that he is very healthy and seems to be very good-natured.

The other Finnlings love Baby Fuller, especially Eleanor, our 27-month old. Eleanor has always delighted in being the youngest (and silliest) Finnling, so we were afraid she would be jealous of Fuller. Far from it. Eleanor constantly wants to hold him and kiss him. She tells all of us that Fuller is “her” baby and gets grumpy when anyone else wants to hold him. It’s pretty cute stuff, as you can see in the picture. Georgia (age six) is very helpful. She really wants to be a help to Mommy. Baxter (age four) is fairly ambivalent about Fuller, though Baxter has tried to show him some of his Legos. That has to count for something.

Because of Fuller’s arrival, I will probably take a brief blogging hiatus this week. I hope to return to it next week. Thanks to everyone who takes time to read this blog.