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March 2014



Announcing the End of My Personal Blog

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As many readers know, I am on sabbatical this spring. I have taken leave of my normal responsibilities at Southeastern Seminary and First Baptist Church of Durham and am working out of Union University in Jackson, TN. While the principle purpose of a sabbatical is to have focused time to work on research and writing, it is also a helpful season for reflection about one’s life, family, ministry and priorities. I have been stewing on several matters, one of which is my blogging practices.

I have been blogging almost continuously since November 2003, though I took a break for about six months in 2007 to finish my dissertation. Often I have blogged from a personal website, like this one, while during other seasons I have blogged exclusively at collaborative websites. I enjoy certain things about both approaches. The highlight of a personal blog is a sense of ownership and freedom. The strength of a group blog is being part of a team and having the freedom to blog less frequently. At this stage in my life, I cherish the latter a bit more than the former.

After several weeks of consideration I have decided to stop blogging at my personal website. This is my final post. I will maintain the website because it provides me with a more substantial online home than my faculty page at the Southeastern Seminary website. However, beginning next week, I will no longer blog on this site. I will leave the blog up, but create a new home page for the website.

Though I am shutting down the blog function on this website, I will continue to write regularly for online audiences. Much of my blogging will be at Between the Times, the faculty website at Southeastern Seminary. I co-founded Between the Times in 2008 with my friend Bruce Ashford and a handful of other faculty colleagues. I currently serve as the coordinator for the blog. I write for Between the Times almost every week—normally on Wednesdays. Moving forward, I will continue to do so.

I also hope to write more often for other websites. In the past couple of years, I have received a number of invitations to contribute to blogs or similar platforms sponsored by a variety of SBC denominational agencies and evangelical parachurch ministries. I have written for them off and on, but never very regularly, in part because of the implicit pressure I have felt to focus most of my blogging on this website. Eliminating my personal blog will give me more freedom to write for a wider variety of blogs and other websites, many of which are more widely read than my personal blog.

As always, when I write a new blog post or some other sort of online essay, I will announce it via Twitter and Facebook. I appreciate everyone who has read this blog over the past few years. I hope you will continue to be interested in what I write, even though it won’t be published here.



January 2014



The Sabbatical Has Begun

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I am on sabbatical from Southeastern Seminary during the spring semester 2014. Officially, my sabbatical began when I posted final grades for the fall 2013 semester a couple of days after graduation last month. But with holiday travels to Georgia and our recent relocation to Union University for my study leave, for all practical purposes the sabbatical officially began earlier this week.

Our family has now moved into the house we will be living in for the next six months and I have officially occupied my temporary office at Union. (Thanks to my friend Brad Green for letting me use his office while he is on sabbatical from Union this semester.) As of today, I am working in earnest on the Baptist history textbook that I am co-authoring with my friends Tony Chute and Michael Haykin. Later this semester, I will move on to other projects, Lord willing.

In an effort to maximize my writing and research, I will not blog very often on my personal website in the coming months. I will still blog on most Wednesdays at Between the Times. I also plan to periodically write for a handful of other websites. I will link to all of that material from this blog as it is published. I covet your prayers for a productive study leave. And if you are in a church within a reasonable commute from Jackson, TN and would like to have me preach or teach, please contact me. I am eager to minister in area churches as often as I can over the next six months.



February 2013



Other Sites Where I Blog

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One of my responsibilities at SEBTS is serving as the Theological Advisor and Coordinator for our faculty blog Between the Times. I post at BtT every Wednesday and often one additional time during the week. I also screen many of the posts at BtT before they are published and oversee the overall direction of the blog. This week, my Wednesday post was titled “Why I Observe Lent.” Two weeks ago, I recommended Practical Shepherding, a helpful ministry led by my friend Brian Croft.

Last fall, my friend Michael Haykin asked me to serve as a senior fellow of the Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies at Southern Seminary. One of my responsibilities with the Fuller Center is to serve as a contributor to Historia Ecclesiastica, the blog published at the AFCBS website. My posts will be published every other week. My first entry is titled “Free Andrew Fuller Biographies Available Online,” was published yesterday. By the way, the entire Fuller Center website will be revised and updated in the next few weeks.

I serve as one of the elders at First Baptist Church of Durham, where I oversee new member assimilation and teach in a variety of settings. In the next few days, our elders and staff will launch a blog at the FBCD website that focuses upon such topics as meaningful membership, biblical ecclesiology, church health, expositional preaching, and gospel-centered discipleship. While I will not be a regular contributor in a weekly or bi-weekly rotation, I will be posting there periodically.

Most of the time, I will still post new content at Christian Thought & Tradition at least once a week. However, on most Fridays I will also write a brief post linking to material I’ve published at other websites during the week.




August 2011



New Blog Name: Christian Thought and Tradition

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I launched this blog about thirteen months ago. I named it One Baptist Perspective, mostly because I am a convictional Baptist whose main scholarly interests are related to Baptist history and theology. But with the notable exception of my recent Gospel and Baptist Identity series (which I hope to complete next week), I’ve found that I’m increasingly writing about other topics, most of which are related in some way to church history and Christian theology. The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced that my blog’s name was probably more narrow than the topics I engage.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to change the name of the blog to Christian Thought and Tradition. While I will continue to write as a convinced Baptist, and while I hope to write periodically about Baptist topics, I hope to do more writing about other topics that are not directly related to Baptist history or identity. I also hope to publish more blog interviews with scholars and pastors who are writing on topics that pique my curiosity.

The new blog name is admittedly pretty broad, but I like it because it reflects my own ever-broadening blogging interests. I’m thankful you read this blog. I hope my interests interest you enough that you continue to frequent this website and read my musings about church history, theology, faith and culture, gospel ministry, global missions, and of course Baptist Studies.




May 2011



Short Blogging Sabbatical

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This will be my last post for about three weeks. I’m taking a short blogging sabbatical. For the first two weeks in June, I will be co-leading a Southeastern Seminary mission trip to a predominantly Muslim country. We will be working with some of our denominational missionaries to share the gospel and encourage some new converts who are preparing for baptism. Please pray that the Lord of the harvest would bless our labors in this country; less than 1% of her 164 million citizens are evangelical believers.

After I return to the states, our family will be vacationing in Florida. Though I’ll have internet access during that week and will likely be following the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting in Phoenix, I will not be blogging. I hope to return to the blogosphere on or around June 20.