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71oPCMDP0CLNathan A. Finn. History: A Student’s Guide. Reclaiming the Christian Intellectual Tradition. Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2016. This book offers an introduction to the discipline and practice of history from the perspective of a Christian worldview. The primary audience students who are majoring or minoring in history at the undergraduate level, though it is also of interest to graduate students in history and general readers who are interested in the study of the past.

From the publisher:

Knowledge of the past is integral to understanding the present and looking forward to the future. An appreciation of what came before is indeed foundational to nearly every other discipline.

Concise and accessible, this student’s guide by professor Nathan A. Finn explores the nature of history and historical context, compares different schools of historical interpretation, and addresses contemporary issues related to the intersection of faith and history. This volume will help students critically engage with history in the light of God’s providential care over the past, the present, and the future.

Baptist StoryAnthony L. Chute, Nathan A. Finn, and Michael A. G. Haykin. The Baptist Story: From English Sect to Global Movement. Nashville, TN: B&H Academic, 2015. This textbook offers a comprehensive narrative introduction to the Baptist tradition.  I was primarily responsible for the final two sections of the book, which includes four chapters devoted to Baptists since the turn of the twentieth century and a more prescriptive chapter on Baptist identity and distinctives.

From the publisher:

The Baptist Story is a narrative history of a diverse group of people spanning over four centuries, living among distinct cultures on separate continents, while finding their common identity in Christ and expressing their faith as Baptists. Baptist historians Anthony Chute, Nathan Finn, and Michael Haykin highlight the Baptist transition from a despised sect to a movement of global influence. Each chapter includes stories of people who made this history so fascinating. Although the emphasis is on the English-speaking world, The Baptist Story integrates stories of non-English speaking Baptists, ethnic minorities, women, and minority theological traditions, all within the context of historic, orthodox Christianity.

This volume provides more than just the essential events and necessary names to convey the grand history. It also addresses questions that students of Baptist history frequently ask, includes prayers and hymns of those who experienced hope and heartbreak, and directs the reader’s attention to the mission of the church as a whole. Written with an irenic tone and illustrated with photographs in every chapter, The Baptist Story is ideally suited for graduate or undergraduate courses, as well as group study in the local church.



A Reader’s Guide to the Major Writings of Jonathan Edwards, co-edited with Jeremy Kimble (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 2017).

From the publisher:

Jonathan Edwards—widely considered one the most important theologians in American history—has influenced generation after generation with his transcendent vision of our great and glorious God. But reading his writings for the first time can be a daunting task.

Here to be your trustworthy guides are some of the very best interpreters of Edwards, who walk you through his most important works with historical context, strategies for reading, and contemporary application—launching you into a lifetime of discovering Edwards’s God-centered vision of the Christian life for yourself.

Spirituality for the SentSpirituality for the Sent: Casting a New Vision for the Missional Church, co-edited with Keith Whitfield (Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2017).

From the publisher:

Since their rise in the midst of the revivals of the eighteenth century, evangelicals have been dedicated to the importance of both spirituality and mission. In recent years, evangelicals have engaged in the missional theology discussion that advocates a more holistic Christian mission grounded in the eternal mission of the triune God. At the same time, evangelicals have also been key participants in the spiritual formation discussion that seeks to recover biblical and classical practices for contemporary spiritual growth. While these two movements have been largely independent of each other, the time is right to join them together into a single conversation for the sake of ongoing evangelical faithfulness.

Spirituality for the Sent brings together evangelical scholars from a variety of disciplines and ecclesial traditions to address the relationship between spiritual formation and a missional vision of theology and practice. The contributors share a common vision for a missional spirituality that fosters spiritual maturity while also fueling Christian evangelism, cultural engagement, and the pursuit of justice.

SandemanianismAndrew Fuller, Apologetic Works 5: Strictures on Sandemanianism, The Complete Works of Andrew Fuller, vol. 9, ed. Nathan A. Finn (Berlin, Germany: Walter de Gruyter, 2016).

From the publisher:

Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) was the leading Baptist theologian of his era, though his works are just now being made available in a critical edition. Strictures on Sandemanianism is the fourth volume in The Works of Andrew Fuller. In this treatise, Fuller critiqued Sandemanianism, a form of Restorationism that first emerged in Scotland in the eighteenth century and was influencing the Scotch Baptists of Fuller’s day. Fuller’s biggest concern was the Sandemanian belief that saving faith is merely intellectual assent to the gospel. Fuller believed this “intellectualist” view of faith undermined evangelical spirituality. Strictures on Sandemanianism became a leading evangelical critique of Sandemanian views. This critical edition will introduce scholars to this important work and shed light on evangelical debates about the faith, justification, and sanctification during the latter half of the “long” eighteenth century (ca. 1750 to 1815).

Thomas K. Ascol and Nathan A. Finn, eds. Ministry By His Grace and For His Glory: Essays in Honor of Thomas J. Nettles. Cape Coral, FL: Founders Press, 2011. This is a festschrift for my friend Tom Nettles, a respected Baptist historian who has taught for many years, most recently at Southern Seminary. In addition to co-editing the volume, I contributed a chapter on the landmark book Baptists and the Bible, co-authored by Nettles and Russ Bush, and helped prepare a bibliography of Tom’s publications through 2011.



Robert Hall Sr. Help to Zion’s Travellers: Being an Attempt to Remove Various Stumbling Blocks out of the Way, Relating to Doctrinal, Experimental and Practical Religion, new ed. Edited by Nathan A. Finn. Mountain Home, AR: BorderStone Press, 2011. This is a new edition of a classic work in Baptist theology written in 1781. Robert Hall Sr. was a longtime pastor in England and a founder of the Northamptonshire Baptist Association. In this work, Hall appropriated insights from Jonathan Edwards to argue against the High Calvinist idea that one must have a “warrant” (conviction) that he is among the elect before he can believe in Christ for salvation. This book significantly influenced some of Hall’s younger colleagues who became more well-known, including Andrew Fuller, William Carey, John Sutcliff and John Ryland Jr.

Francis Wayland and Richard Fuller. Domestic Slavery Considered as a Scriptural Institution. Edited by Nathan A. Finn and Keith Harper. Macon: Mercer University Press, 2008. This is a new edition of an important antebellum volume that recounted the epistolary debate between Richard Fuller and Francis Wayland over slavery. The letters were originally published in the Baptist Repository in the fall of 1844. The book version was published in the spring of 1845, just weeks before the formation of the Southern Baptist Convention. Both men were “moderates” in their respective camps. Fuller was at the time a South Carolina pastor, a distinguished preacher, and a future president of the SBC. Wayland was the president of Brown University, a tireless promoter of foreign missions, and the leading public intellectual among Baptists in the North.



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I have forthcoming book chapters on the life and ministry of Robert Hall Sr., two different chapters related to the Sandemanian controversy among British Baptists during the Long Eighteenth Century, an assessment of contemporary trends in Christian spirituality, a prescriptive chapter on Baptist spirituality, a theology of Christian higher education, a reflection on the nature of Southern Baptist confessionalism, a reflection on lessons contemporary theologians can learn from Andrew Fuller, and a chapter on the Reformation and spiritual formation. I also have a forthcoming journal article on the influence of the Magisterial Reformation on Baptist identity.

In terms of book-length projects, I am co-editing a volume titled The Major Works of Jonathan Edwards: A Reader for Crossway with Jeremy Kimble (tentative 2017), co-edited a volume on Charles Spurgeon’s cross-centered spirituality for Reformation Heritage Press’ Profiles in Reformed Spirituality series with Aaron Lumpkin (tentative 2017), co-editing a two-volume collection of essays on Andrew Fuller with Jeff Robinson and Shane Shaddix for Pickwick’s Monographs in Baptist History series (tentative 2017), co-authoring a historical theology textbook with Jason Duesing and Thomas White (tentative 2019), and co-authoring a doctrine of the Christian life with George Guthrie (tentative 2021), and co-editing a theology handbook with David Dockery and Danny Akin (tentative 2023).