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Nathan speaks for local churches, denominational gatherings, and men’s conferences. In addition to preaching, he speaks frequently on topics related to Baptist history, Baptist identity and distinctives, Christian leadership, and the pursuit of personal holiness.


He also leads workshops for Christian organizations and denominational gatherings. Workshop topics include:


  • Personal Leadership Development

  • Christ-Centered Servant Leadership

  • The Integration of Faith and Culture

  • Foundations of a Biblical Worldview

  • Theological Formation in the Local Church

  • Spiritual Formation

  • Why Church History Matters for Contemporary Ministry

  • How Should Christians Think about Politics?


Nathan also speaks for faculty workshops, faculty development conferences, and similar events. Higher education topics include:


  • The Faith: The Integration of Faith and Learning

  • My Faith: Spiritual Formation for Christian Faculty

  • Intellectual Discipleship and the Christian University

  • Theological Foundations for Christian Higher Education

  • The Story of Christian Higher Education in America


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